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Green Acton's 4th Annual Drop & Swap

The Town of Acton supports Green Acton's Drop & Swap Event, which will be held on Saturday, May 4, 2013. Read the Acton Patch Article. Green Acton also supports the annual Acton Cleanup Day, slated for the week prior, on Saturday, April 27.

The Drop & Swap is a free event; an opportunity for the community to recycle and repurpose usable items. Help your town, help your neighbors, and help yourself to clean up and dispense with unwanted items by passing them on to others who will use and appreciate them. It’s a win for everyone! Start cleaning out those attics, basements, and closets now. Bring your usable, unwanted items to the Conant school (the Drop), where other residents can come and take them (the Swap), thus reusing items and reducing the town’s trash output.

Green Acton volunteers and vendors will be available to collect items during the Drop & Swap. Vendors will provide a convenient way for residents to donate items such as books, clothing, and household items and to recycle plastics and electronics. The electronics recycling will be through an E-steward vendor; plastics recycling will include plastics that cannot be recycled through the transfer station. This year, we will add large-scale document shredding, which will then be recycled.

Conant School

Saturday May 4 at Conant School 9am to 2pm

Here’s What You Can Bring

Drop & Swap will accept furniture, electronics, small household items, clothes, books, toys, dishes and children’s equipment, such as high chairs and strollers (but NOT car seats!).

2013 Vendors

Bikes not Bombs will take bicycles in good condition ($10 per bike).

Big Brothers Big Sisters will take any of the above mentioned items that are not claimed at the swap area and items such as clothing, etc. that bypass the Drop & Swap area.

Conigliaro Inc. will be our full-service plastics recycler — including car seats and polystyrene (i.e., Styrofoam). They'll be charging us by the ton, so a (small) fee is involved. 

Household Goods Recycling of Massachusetts will take non-upholstered furniture that is not claimed at the swap, as well as mattresses in usable condition.

More Than Words will accept books, CDs, DVDs and videos.

Metech Recycling  will conduct responsible electronic recycling; recycling old monitors and computers with the costs less than, for example, the Town’s service at the Transfer Station. Read the pricing structure.

ProShred will provide onsite document shredding (3 box maximum).

Your garages, basements and closets are calling. Ready . . . set . . . purge!