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Green Acton meetings are held on the 2nd Tuesday of each month. Join us for our next meeting. See the Green Acton calendar for the location.

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Green Acton is a group of volunteers working to conserve local resources and protect our environment for future generations. Through education and advocacy, we aim to:

July 2009 Green Acton Meeting reduce, reuse, and recycle energy and materials
promote sustainable, environmentally sound practices
support local food production and consumption.


Green Acton's focus is on townwide approaches to saving energy and being environmentally responsible. To find out the latest agenda and action items, see Announcements & Meeting Minutes.


Green Acton works by bringing small groups of people together to focus on projects that further our mission. We also work with existing groups in Acton whenever possible. Recent collaborations include: Acton-Boxboro PIP, Acton ACES, Acton Discovery Museums, The League of Women Voters–Environment Team, the Acton Board of Selectmen, the Acton School committee, and more.

2010-2011 Accomplishments

  • Sponsored the 2nd Annual Acton Drop/Swap.
  • Sponsored Acton's 2011 Spring Clean Up Day for the second time.
  • Hosted teens competing in Siemens Challenge ('Black-Gold Miners' presented on composting).
  • Learned about international "Transition" Towns initiatives.
  • Supported and participated in local weatherizing "barn-raisings" events in homes.
  • Hosted State Senator Jamie Eldridge speaking on "green" initiatives + bills pending at State House.
  • Co-sponsored with HDC, a talk "The Power of Preservation as a Green Strategy," with Boston architect Jean Caroon.
  • Hosted Charles Parker, lead author of "Concord Energy Master Plan."
  • Hosted farmland preservation forum with Mark Racicot, MAPC Planner, "New trends in zoning for Open Space Protection."

2009-2010 Accomplishments

  • Hosted the Green Acton Water Forum.
  • Sponsored the 1st Annual Drop/Swap Event.
  • Sponsored Acton's 2010 Clean Up Day for the first time.
  • Supported Education and Advocacy of the Stretch Energy Code, which successfully passed at town meeting.
  • Supported Education and Advocacy of
  • Supported the Open Neighborhood Project, Revisioning of Kelley's Corner.
  • Joined the Mass Climate Action Network.
  • Supported the town and Green Advisory Board in developing Acton as a "Green Community."

2008-2009 Accomplishments

Upcoming Plans & Ongoing Projects

  • Planning future Clean Up Days & Drop & Swap Events.
  • Investigating Trash Reduction in the schools.
  • Supporting students involved in green initiatives including composting and green chemistry.
  • Planning future educational forums on environmental topics.
  • Calculating Acton's Carbon Footprint.
  • Continuing support of

Please write us at to get involved in any of these ongoing projects, or to help launch a new project.